WoW Gold Reviews

TOP Ranked Sites to Buy WOW Gold!

I would not buy WOW currency or services from just anywhere. Finding good companies can be a hard thing to do, so I have put together a list of the best places to buy WOW gold. Many of these companies do more than just sell WOW gold, many offer power leveling services, sell items, reputation, honor and more. Powerleveling does take time and requires you provide that company with access to your account for a period of time. Many people are uncomfortable purchasing powerleveling because of the risk of accounts being suspended or having accounts stolen. One of the reasons I have this site is to help reduce the risk for people by choosing trusted companies.

Please email me your reviews and feedback on these companies as I need this information to rank sites accordingly. If you wish to suggest other companies for me to look at please contact me.

1st place wow gold seller Buy WoW Gold

Usually has the best prices for WOW gold and they *price match. Customer service is very good and deliver is fast. I highly recommend using them to buy gold. Bank of WOW does not offer any other services than selling gold and only provide services for World of Warcraft.

2nd place wow gold seller WoW Gold PO

Offers a lot of services (gold, powerleveling, reputation leveling, honor, trade skills, etc) and has good prices on game currency. I have used this company for a long time, they are dependable and have good customer service.

3rd place wow gold seller WoW IDEAL

WoW IDEAL is a solid place to buy wow gold and currency for other games. After doing a lot of research and testing the waters myself I can say I can highly recommend this company.