More ways PvP options for drivers Icarus

Nexon and entertainment companies in the pipeline virtue of Icarus rider some really exciting things in today’s players are treated to a first detail on a big new game update coming in a few weeks. Expected to be launched by the end of Icarus riders new content this month will include a variety of new features, the main aim is to encourage more players to participate in PvP and offer those who are already involved in more variety and rewards.

Upcoming update will expand the existing PvP continent, invited more than 28 players and sneaked Exarahn wasteland. The new area will see a marked within PvP instant all explorers to make potential targets each mobile player. This dangerous new field will be filled with tons of new content, including tasks, of course, the new mounts for players to tame encountered, including nightmares and secular enlightenment

Guild members will be pleased to hear that they will be updated to Level 3 and above guild getting some love will have the opportunity to unite against other players involved in huge PvP battles.

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