No Flying in WOW 6.2 Tanaan Jungle and Future Expansion

Recently, WOW lead designer Ion Hazzikostas announced in an interview that flying is not going to be reintroduced in Warlords of Draenor, and future expansions. Such a statement triggered the outcry among players. But meanwhile, the upcoming content in World of Warcraft pushes people to move on with cheap world of warcraft gold.

Why flying need to be removed from WOW?
Since the ability to fly made the world in many ways much smaller and less room for exploration, the outdoor game play in World of Warcraft is ultimately better without flying. So the devs are not going to reintroduce flying in World of Warcraft patch 6.2, and also confirms that this direction will also involve in future WOW expansions, apart from specific expansion ideas or zones that would benefit from it.
Outcry for flight removed from patch 6.2 and future expansions
Usually, once the habit is formed, it is very hard to remove it inside. Flying has been introduced since The Burning Crusade. For a quite part of players, flying ought to be in the game. Even some people claimed that they will never explore nor buy any expansions once there is no flight in World of Warcraft in future.
Pursuit of game play more than flight in World of Warcraft
Along with the boos for the removal of flying, a majority of players clearly know what they want in this game. Warlords of Draenor is a ground-based content, but flying mounts makes the content less exploration. After much deliberation, it is better to remove flight from World of Warcraft.
Future content in WOW and patch 6.2 triggers people move on
Based on Ion’s statement, Tanaan Jungle is the most notable new zone but not the only major addition in WOW 6.2. For example, Timewalking and the weekend bonus event are also something new in patch 6.2.
Further, patcj 6.2 is not the final update for Warlords of Draenor, and “there will be plenty of more stories to be told after it,” the lead designer claimed. Besides, Blizzard is also working hard to make sure players are not left waiting for new content in general.
All these potential contents for future World of Warcraft and patch 6.2 push people to move on in this game. Personally, removing flight is a not bad idea for WOW game play actually, because it can force people to enjoy the ground-based content deliberately. Buy wow us gold to experience this change in Tanaan Jungle now!

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