More ways PvP options for drivers Icarus

Nexon and entertainment companies in the pipeline virtue of Icarus rider some really exciting things in today’s players are treated to a first detail on a big new game update coming in a few weeks. Expected to be launched by the end of Icarus riders new content this month will include a variety of new features, the main aim is to encourage more players to participate in PvP and offer those who are already involved in more variety and rewards.

Upcoming update will expand the existing PvP continent, invited more than 28 players and sneaked Exarahn wasteland. The new area will see a marked within PvP instant all explorers to make potential targets each mobile player. This dangerous new field will be filled with tons of new content, including tasks, of course, the new mounts for players to tame encountered, including nightmares and secular enlightenment

Guild members will be pleased to hear that they will be updated to Level 3 and above guild getting some love will have the opportunity to unite against other players involved in huge PvP battles.

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Player housing is to Elder Scrolls Online

As Arthas had expected, a short time later Prince Varian was shown into the guest quarters. Terenas himself accompanied the boy, resting a hand gently on the youth’s shoulder. If he was surprised to see his son waiting in the guest quarters, he did not show it.

Players housing has been officially recognized as Elder Scrolls Online, even though it may not be anywhere near future.

In a recent interview with the German site PlayMassive, Matt Firor Game Director pointed out that the idea of ​​the implementation of housing The Elder Scrolls Online has grown up. It needs some restlessness, though, as the player housing from single-player MMORPG called almost impossible to implement, for housing some modification of the single most interesting part of the game involved. Firor said the following:

“Internally, the development team was currently being examined different concepts – ‘impossible’ too widely from simple it might eventually become a particular concern, it has a very solid structure, in fact, a combination of all variants, It is also reminiscent of the single-player game in the series housing. ”

Creative director, Rich Lambert, talked about it at the official Elder Scrolls online streaming, which is what he said:

“I know Matt talked about some of the things we are doing on a number of housing, so we started to do some preliminary design. It happened, when we do not, but says it is developing.”

Players will not be room for some time, though. Do not worry, though, because we have a lot of expectations with Imperial PC launch in late August and mid-September game. Every three months, the rate of a DLC still has several important features to the next (the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild for example), we are still a lot of content to go through before setting houses and ultimately into the game.

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Soldier: 76 Wages A Personal War In Overwatch


The latest character reveal for Blizzard’s upcoming MMO epic Overwatch may be the target of an international manhunt but that hasn’t stopped the vigilante Soldier: 76 from taking the time to introduce his long list of deadly abilities in combat. The mysterious figure only came known to the world following a string of corporate attacks aimed at disrupting the thought-to-be secure facilities of the Overwatch organization. His motives are inscrutable but the results are clear, Soldier: 76 means business.

While his true identity and origins remain a mystery, Soldier: 76 is believed to be a member of a shady “soldier enhancement program”, a program designed to give average American soldiers enhanced human abilities – far exceeding that of a traditionally trained soldier. Whether he’s truly trying to shed light on the conspiracy that brought the Overwatch organization to its needs, or just causing chaos, Solder: 76 is more than equipped to do both.

Today Blizzard revealed a bevy of details about Soldier: 76, introducing his origin story and abilities to an excited audience of Blizzard fans.

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Huge Flashpoint & Operations Changes Coming With Star Wars: The Old Republic


Bioware today released a new post on the The Star Wars: The Old Republic blog that sees Senior Designer George Smith detail forthcoming changes to popular Operations and Flashpoints with the arrival of the next expansion due to arrive later this year, Knights of the Fallen Empire. Among the points discussed players will want to pay special attention to the newly revealed solo Flashpoints that will see the game return to true storytelling routes.

The overall changes to Flashpoints will see the popular content take a more tactical approach, available to all players from level 10 to 65 and can be played multiple times with a Hardmode available for players level 50 through to 65. Operations will see a raise in level requirements to level 65 and will drop a new variety of items including Elder Game gear, vanity items, mounts, stronghold decorations and vehicles. Changes are also coming for the Group Finder.

As you can see, while leveling your character, and when your character reaches level 65, there is a whole Galaxy out there available to you. So whether you want to take the journey alone, or with 15 of your closest friends, we can’t wait for you to get your hands on Knights of the Fallen Empire!


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