Speaking pirate MMO Seafight 9 years old – Gift galore!

Varian winced and turned away, walking toward the huge windows that overlooked Lordamere Lake. The snow that had been threatening all morning was finally coming, drifting softly downward to cover the land with a silent blanket. It was too bad—on a clear day, you could see all the way to Fenris Keep. “Thank you.”

With the pirate MMO Seafight turned nine, will have in the online gaming giant Bigpoint’s HQ stop party. Of course, this will also be an important moment to celebrate a big birthday event in the game. More than 42 million registered players can expect to get a rare pet, everyone who is logged on to the game on March 18 will be accepted. With this unique time companion, the player will defeat monsters and an additional stimulus, their magic points get 10% gold.

“Due to the fact that our players like the challenge, we added a new game mechanics, birthday, this year – challenge mode, he explained:” Jan Yves Josten, Seafight producers. Because of this new feature, players can choose the difficulty, they want to compete in the new boss during a birthday activity map (also known as “the dungeon”) is. According to the difficulty level you choose, there will be an extraordinary reward all players and ranking points. A huge end boss will wait comes to an end event.

Seafight is a long-running and successful action game perfect example: “Only a small number of online games, can maintain a constant success in nine years, said:” The producer, Josten. “We owe this success to our passionate players for them, we developed a new and exciting content and activities on a weekly and monthly basis, and we have come up with some good stuff, with We want to surprise the community in the coming months. ”

Team has about 30 members, Seafight is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany’s development team, trying to coordinate closely with the community of fans as possible. The result is a new, exciting missions, prizes, and new ships and equipment to the survival of PVE and PVP combat the regular season.

Due to the recent launch of the so-called Transmo system, players have been able to build their boat faster and easier than ever before. PvP fighters often Predator “Day against thousands of rivals in the clashes as well. For those who want to join the birthday activities,” Chase Tornado “who are, simply log in to www.seafight.com from March 18.

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