The View of World of Warcraft 6.1

Gamers have stepped into the world of Draenor for many months. Blizzard recently has posted a blog said The Adventure Continues in order to write up some important features of the World of Warcraft patch 6.1 that begins. The quest line Call of the Archmage will continue, and Khadger will try to break the mind control that Garona suffers from. Check out a sneak peek of what’s new in patch 6.1.

First of all, in order to free the mind of Gerona, players will gain a new quest to penetrate a Shadow Council stronghold and steal an artifact.

Garona Halforcen will become a first legendary follower. Garona has three abilities fitting an Assassination Rogue, as well as the Master Assassin trait, that largely increases the chance of success on any mission she is assigned to.

New daily quest visitors will offer players a variety of quests such as Bounty Quests, Profession daily, Relic Quests, Daily Dungeon Quests and Weekly Raid Quests once players have reached Garrison Tier 3.

Garrison Invasion will be going to Platunum, and the last boss in Garrison Invasion has a chance to drop a summonable Raid boss item. Many gamers will want to get 10-40 players together in Garrison before stimulate it.

There’s a new vendor coming to Garrison who permit players to spend Garrison Resources on Follower Trait Retraining Guides or Follower Ability Retraining Manuals.

Followers can now gain the Treasure Hunter trait that adds the amount of gold awarded from a mission which rewards gold.

Now the New Follower missions available to player in patch 6.1, which includes missions that reward Apexis Crystals, Savage Blood, Augmentation runes, Archaeology Artifacts, and items that immediately finish the work orders.

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