Elemental Evil Neverwinter updates coming faster than expected

A few weeks ago, we reported on a new role, Scott seats Markov, told the players, errors are module in a recent evil elements. At that time, Xi Kefu said the team will start digging into things began to change. We speculate that free play, which may mean any action taken no action from the action, from now on.
However, the seats Markov took the game’s website announced that again will change as early as this week.
Players will get a lot of power and some ability to affect the repair needs, lingering and causing server problems will be solved.
In terms of the content of things, Tiamat beat Temple now has a limitation allowing only score above 70 and even into 1800. While this may be bad news for the players who can enter, but groups can not now, this change is being made to a better opportunity to play a tough encounter.
As promised, rewards, earnings XP’s, and other elements on the list seats Markov also accept change. When all the details posted, be sure to check the full patch notes.

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