The BOSSES of WOW need to be Called out

There are a variety of BOSSES in wow gold. Some of them are easily to be forgotten by the players. Many BOSSES required to be called. Here, let’s make a conclusion for them.

The Lurker Below

Presumably, the players have a fresh memory to the BOSS of Viper temple. It needs 270 points to fish out this BOSS. Now, this kind of requirement has already canceled. Although there is no good drop, the players still have a sense of achievement. They would still call the BOOS out to have a good fighting.


The crow god is a nice and beautiful ride. In TBC version, Anzu have to be called out by Druids which is also the task of Druid. Now, this requirement has already canceled. The players can directly beat it once a day.


In the past years, beating Nighmare is a strictly requirement to enter the Viper. Now, Nighmare has gradually forgotten by the players. There is no condition to enter the Viper, so calling Nighmare out has no meaning.

Watalake Duke

Now, there are little players knowing the BOSS hidden in the Black Stone Tower– Watalake Duke. Calling Watalake Duke needs in the room of Beast which is also the last task to complete the first sets of equipment. Watalake Duke is the group killer, so it is difficult to defeat it. It usually calls many defenders constantly which make the scene very chaotic. After defeat it, you could got a nice blue staves. There are more copies opening in the later, may the players have already forgotten it now.

Snow King/High Druids

In 60s, Alterac valley became the favorite PVP battle field in WOW. The styles of fighting are different between past and now. In the past, there are a lot of restriction of time and force. And both sides of leaders could not be killed easily. Because of those reasons, the combat usually keep a very long time. At that time, the players usually call a more powerful assistance. Alliance call Arch-Druid out while Horde call Ice king out. Of course, both sides of BOSSES could not be killed easily. They are called the most powerful BOSSES. With the update of WOW, Blizzard has gradually tried to shorten the fighting time by 20 minutes. Of course, the two BOSSES has been cut off.

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Blizzard Paid Attentions to Wow Mobile Garrison Concept from Players

It seems that Blizzard always like to hire his fans to manage the game. Recently, a lucky dog has got a chance to talk with Blizzard. This player came up with a marvelous mobile garrison concept, which appeals to both Blizzard and wow players. Amazing, ha? It is closer to put mobile WOW into practice.
Current garrison system is like a mobile game

If you have kept from the keyboard of World of Warcraft for yeara, you may lose much fun from WOW Garrison. The current garrison looks like a mobile game much more. When you reach level 100, you can build your own garrisons, where you can assign your followers to complete various tasks and make cheap wow Warlords of Draenor gold. Even though you can monitor the progress with plug-ins, you still need to log in your wow account on the computer to manage all these tasks. In a word, players cannot do it without computers.

Concept of mobile garrison app

Out of the above reason, a wow player from Reddit, named Sinfonianartist, tried to make an APP to manage garrison. Now this APP is been improving one by one, and he also screenshots how it works with details.
wow mobile garrison app
Certainly, this idea makes all wow players thrilled. Of course, the wow garrison is cool, but players cannot help to worry about the follower tasks when the computer is not at hand. Such app for wow garrison is handy if it can be adopted by Blizzard. Thus, players may gain a wow gear from raid through just clicking it on the phone.

Do you want such an APP is launched in wow? And will Blizzard allow this APP made by unofficial to be applied in their game? Who knows! But it is definitely a good start. Before that, if you need cheap wow gold eu for sale, you can purchase it on and apply 6% off code to your order.

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  When buying World of Warcarft gold you have many companies you could choose

But think as it were. How do all these WoW Gold companies get their gold quick enough to run a firm? There needs to be a simple way of earninglarge amountsof gold. Fine, Locate.

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