Panesterra War Efforts

Panesterra is Beritra’s final assault into Atreia and it is up to Daevas to put an end to Beritra’s development of dimensional teleportation technology. With any contested area, the rivalry between Asmodian and Elyos grows stronger. During these chaotic times, additional supplies are being delivered to those who step up to the challenge Panesterra presents. New supplies are heading to the front line. Enter Panesterra every Saturday at 6 PM Server Time and take up arms to claim your hold on Panesterra.

For level 65 players who attend the Panesterra sieges, a survey will be available during the hour of the siege. Effective Saturday, July 4, the survey includes:
– Administrator’s Boon (1 time use)
– Resurrection Stone
For the unsuccessful server faction, up to 100 participating level 65 players will be awarded the following the Monday after the siege:
– 51 GP via quest items
– Dragon’s Improvement Box
For all those participating regardless of server or faction, there will be a chance to get a bonus reward.
Ten randomly chosen players will get either:
– Drakenspire Depths Idian Bundle
– Ahserion’s Flight Ancient Manastone Bundle
Two randomly chosen players will get either:
– Kennercan’s Egg (30 days)
– Pagati Veyron (30 days)

Bonus items will be delivered by Monday after the siege. See you on Saturday, Daevas!

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