WOW Token Releases on Patch 6.1.2 with Over $ 15 Monthly Subscription


Several days ago, Blizzard announced an in-game item, WOW Token. And Hazzikostas gave some hints for token price and release date. Although he confirmed that WOW will move to free to play, can WOW resist the pressure of free online games flood? And can players afford for over $15 per token?

How WOW Token works
The WOW Token
Players can buy a WOW Token with cash for 30 days of game time from Warcraft’s in-game shop. Once they buy it, the token is bound to players, and cannot be traded, given away, deleted, or expire. They can only put it up on a special tab in the in-game auction house.
After they post it, WOW’s auction house will tell them how much gold they will get for it. Since there is no biding, players cannot set their own price for tokens. After purchasing the tokens with wow gold on sale, the buyers can apply it to their accounts to add game time, and they cannot do anything else with it, no gifts, no trading.

Dip into free-to-play online game mechanics for wow

According to SuperData, free-to-play online game could hit $17 nillion in 2017, and it could rein business model in Asia, especially after WOW joins the rank.
There is no doubt that the introduce of WOW Tokens make wow closer to free-to-play online game, but World of Warcraft lead game designer Ion Hazzikostas claimed that they are completely different. Anyway, Wowtoes as a professional wow products supplier will fix our eyes on World of Warcraft updates.

WOW Token price no less than $15

Blizzard hasn’t set the cash price yet, but Hazzikostas confirmed that it’s not going to be cheaper than a monthly subscription, which runs $15 a month. If a wow token is really higher than a monthly subscription, most people including me would rather buy game time with cash actually. But it will be different for those who have millions of wow gold in stock.

According to Hazzikostas’ statement, it’s a part of patch 6.1.2, a smaller update hitting the public test realms in the very near future. So you can buy World of Warcraft gold cheap eu with code “SPRING” in advance for wow token release.

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