Age of Conan TURNS 7 years old: Adding a new area

“A rider from Southshore has come and gone. He brings ill news. A few days ago, hundreds of small boats filled with refugees from Stormwind landed on our shores,” Uther said. He did not remove his arm. Arthas gave up that particular struggle and craned his neck, listening intently, his sea- green eyes wide and fastened on Uther’s grim face. “Stormwind has fallen.”

Most of the time, when a free to play MMORPG, when there is usually little knowledge of what we see, will run for several weeks, and novelty items reward players game events birthday. Sometimes, the changes we see and experience to enhance members. When Funcom’s Age of Conan becomes 7 years old later this month, we will see these two, and many more.

First up, the shadow of the main quest line, Vanaheim will launch a venture into new areas, such as the deadly Blue Mountains and Vanaheim snowy tundra. Your first step to Vanaheim will begin at Fort Storisbjorn. Quests will also benefit from the introduction of this point, but there is a bit of a twist. To make things a little “fresh,” These quests will rotate and daily changes and the new system has been implemented to confuse you to a variety of tasks every day.

Content will begin at 20 levels, and will expand to reach 80 so that all have the benefit of any level players to participate in the new content whether just met you, or if it is from the new faction is also adding new items.

Bear mounts and 1-3 players a small example also plans to update this month. Look at all the details of the announcement Sezmra thesis.

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