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Indicating in game problems, Or disorders of NCSoft or Carbine, That no one here can help. I know you guys will work on it but my whole guild(40+) And I have all held off on pre orders strictly on account of the engine issues. The washing machine is a i5, 760 GTX, With 8 gigs of RAM which I believe hits the highly preferred specs. I also thrown it on a SSD to see but only if just having a quicker read write would help. I a network admin by trade and and consider myself pretty knowledgeable with tech stuff so its not something silly like running 80 applications likewise. Funny thing is I got other people with card and CPU that run the game fine, But there are also people with higher spec that me experiencing the same issues so it def seems like there’s not quiet right. I heard that the on-going UI might be causing some issues, But I not sure if I buy that although i reckon that it could.

I ran across your site last week and started to follow your posts consistently. I havent commented on any kind of weblog web pages just but but I was considering to start soon. Its truly exciting to really result in an post even if it is only a blog. I genuinely dont know exactly what to write other than I really loved reading on a couple of of your articles. Wonderful articles certainly. I keep visiting your weblog regularly. I learned much from you. Thanks a bunch!

Mentioning in game problems, Or horror stories about NCSoft or Carbine, That no one here can assist you with. Have you guys contemplated taking the mechanics from UT2004 Onslaught mode? Here certainly one of the their maps:Simply speaking, Have a web of nodes attaching each base together. Once one side controls enough nodes carryout a path to the opposing base, Then a shield is ditched, And the base is open to address. Should a node is recaptured, Then shields are gained. Also have areas of the map that you can additionally control that give a boost in resources. In such a manner it adds a fun dynamic to the war of attrition option.

Am I the only one that thinks the inability to look in PvP the way you want is a flawed concept? For who don know, Costumes are inept in battlegrounds/arenas, Not sure about warplots since we know about those barely enough but I would imagine it the same.

Semi see-thorugh blocks still block light from passing through(At least moderately, As can be the case with leaves or water), So they’re still somehow said to be opaque to the lighting engine, Which seems to be where it counts. These partially translucent blocks will block the sunlight, And same goes with count as roof blocks.