Turbine has published a blog post detailing Lord of the Rings Online’s upcoming server transfers, server consolidation, and data center move. The company hasn’t announced which servers will be affected yet; that information will be released on August 3rd. If you happen to be on one of the shards scheduled to close, you’ll get a title, a housing banner, and a cloak as remembrance gifts.

The whole process will basically take the rest of 2015, as it is “a monumental effort and we want to do it as correctly and painlessly as possible,” Turbine says. Impacted servers will officially be unavailable as of January 2016. Click through the link below to read the fine print as well as details about the new transfer features coming to the game launcher.


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The Gloria Victis dev team has been working on “two massive features” in recent weeks, according to a post that appeared on the fantasy sandbox’s forum over the weekend. The first versions of both the building and the skill systems will be done in a few days, the announcement says.

The building system involves upgrading existing towns with stronger gates and offensive equipment like falling logs and boiling oil, water, and tar. All of these objects are able to be destroyed (or repaired). The post also says that building whole towns and castles will happen in the near future, as will the ability to upgrade mines and farms for better resources.

The first iteration of Gloria Victis‘ skill system will feature dozens of passives that should further differentiate avatars inside the game’s class-less advancement system. You can read more on the game’s forum.


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Soldier: 76 Wages A Personal War In Overwatch


The latest character reveal for Blizzard’s upcoming MMO epic Overwatch may be the target of an international manhunt but that hasn’t stopped the vigilante Soldier: 76 from taking the time to introduce his long list of deadly abilities in combat. The mysterious figure only came known to the world following a string of corporate attacks aimed at disrupting the thought-to-be secure facilities of the Overwatch organization. His motives are inscrutable but the results are clear, Soldier: 76 means business.

While his true identity and origins remain a mystery, Soldier: 76 is believed to be a member of a shady “soldier enhancement program”, a program designed to give average American soldiers enhanced human abilities – far exceeding that of a traditionally trained soldier. Whether he’s truly trying to shed light on the conspiracy that brought the Overwatch organization to its needs, or just causing chaos, Solder: 76 is more than equipped to do both.

Today Blizzard revealed a bevy of details about Soldier: 76, introducing his origin story and abilities to an excited audience of Blizzard fans.

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Huge Flashpoint & Operations Changes Coming With Star Wars: The Old Republic


Bioware today released a new post on the The Star Wars: The Old Republic blog that sees Senior Designer George Smith detail forthcoming changes to popular Operations and Flashpoints with the arrival of the next expansion due to arrive later this year, Knights of the Fallen Empire. Among the points discussed players will want to pay special attention to the newly revealed solo Flashpoints that will see the game return to true storytelling routes.

The overall changes to Flashpoints will see the popular content take a more tactical approach, available to all players from level 10 to 65 and can be played multiple times with a Hardmode available for players level 50 through to 65. Operations will see a raise in level requirements to level 65 and will drop a new variety of items including Elder Game gear, vanity items, mounts, stronghold decorations and vehicles. Changes are also coming for the Group Finder.

As you can see, while leveling your character, and when your character reaches level 65, there is a whole Galaxy out there available to you. So whether you want to take the journey alone, or with 15 of your closest friends, we can’t wait for you to get your hands on Knights of the Fallen Empire!


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Perfect Days Are Made Of Booze And Pub Food


Perfect Day [official site] confuses me. You might even say that it frightens me. Just a little. Made for the No$GAMEJAM, Perfect Day takes players into a no-name “local pub” inhabited by a babbling drunk, a silent blonde man, and a shapeshifting woman. The objective here is to keep drinking and feasting until … you pass out or achieve “maximal life happiness!”
Just like the aim of the game, the controls themselves aren’t terribly complicated. You hit Z and X repeatedly in a rhythmic fashion, allowing enough space between each button press to not cause your character to throw up in a spectacular fashion. What makes Perfect Day strange and splendid is just … how strange it is. The babbling drunk? He/she spouts the most inane nonsense. Some of it is ridiculous, things like “we will suck underpants.” Others? Creepy. “You can crush skin,” “We could adore torture.”

Perfect Day just fills me with questions. What does it all mean? How does this all come together? Why does that silent woman keep transforming into a blue monster? What does this all mean? I haven’t had the patience to figure out how to properly finish this glitchy, glorious mess – but if you manage to decipher what maximal life happiness means, please let me know.

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Full Power To Guns: Aerobat Looks V. Swish

“Oooh that does look nice!” I muttered at a gif clip retweeted before my eyes, staring at the ‘clouds of Going Really Fast’ kicked up by a aircraft skimming above the ground. “What is it?”

The answer is Aerobat [official site], an upcoming 2D side-scrolling shoot ‘em up where you can power weapons or engines – but not both at the same time. Here, come watch a trailer to watch the ship zoom upwards then tumble back down spitting zapbeams.

Coo, that’s not half bad, is it? Awful pretty. And that trailer’s from back in January.

As you’ll have seen by now – watch the gif and trailer if you haven’t, sheesh (unless mobile data or work firewalls or something forbid that right now, in which case I’m sorry for assuming a universality of experience) – Aerobat will have players ducking and weaving between enemies while the engines charge, then zipping upwards to tumble and rain hell.

“The game is designed with a heavy emphasis on split-second risk vs reward decisions — your greatest victories will be achieved through reckless self-endangerment,” says lone developer Matthew ‘Thew’ Yeager. Aye, I like the sound of that all right. He says the mouse controls have “near zero input latency”, which will be hugely important here.

No word on a release date yet, but it’s confirmed for Windows and may hit Mac and Linux too.


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