Speaking pirate MMO Seafight 9 years old – Gift galore!

Varian winced and turned away, walking toward the huge windows that overlooked Lordamere Lake. The snow that had been threatening all morning was finally coming, drifting softly downward to cover the land with a silent blanket. It was too bad—on a clear day, you could see all the way to Fenris Keep. “Thank you.”

With the pirate MMO Seafight turned nine, will have in the online gaming giant Bigpoint’s HQ stop party. Of course, this will also be an important moment to celebrate a big birthday event in the game. More than 42 million registered players can expect to get a rare pet, everyone who is logged on to the game on March 18 will be accepted. With this unique time companion, the player will defeat monsters and an additional stimulus, their magic points get 10% gold.

“Due to the fact that our players like the challenge, we added a new game mechanics, birthday, this year – challenge mode, he explained:” Jan Yves Josten, Seafight producers. Because of this new feature, players can choose the difficulty, they want to compete in the new boss during a birthday activity map (also known as “the dungeon”) is. According to the difficulty level you choose, there will be an extraordinary reward all players and ranking points. A huge end boss will wait comes to an end event.

Seafight is a long-running and successful action game perfect example: “Only a small number of online games, can maintain a constant success in nine years, said:” The producer, Josten. “We owe this success to our passionate players for them, we developed a new and exciting content and activities on a weekly and monthly basis, and we have come up with some good stuff, with We want to surprise the community in the coming months. ”

Team has about 30 members, Seafight is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany’s development team, trying to coordinate closely with the community of fans as possible. The result is a new, exciting missions, prizes, and new ships and equipment to the survival of PVE and PVP combat the regular season.

Due to the recent launch of the so-called Transmo system, players have been able to build their boat faster and easier than ever before. PvP fighters often Predator “Day against thousands of rivals in the clashes as well. For those who want to join the birthday activities,” Chase Tornado “who are, simply log in to www.seafight.com from March 18.

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Player housing is to Elder Scrolls Online

As Arthas had expected, a short time later Prince Varian was shown into the guest quarters. Terenas himself accompanied the boy, resting a hand gently on the youth’s shoulder. If he was surprised to see his son waiting in the guest quarters, he did not show it.

Players housing has been officially recognized as Elder Scrolls Online, even though it may not be anywhere near future.

In a recent interview with the German site PlayMassive, Matt Firor Game Director pointed out that the idea of ​​the implementation of housing The Elder Scrolls Online has grown up. It needs some restlessness, though, as the player housing from single-player MMORPG called almost impossible to implement, for housing some modification of the single most interesting part of the game involved. Firor said the following:

“Internally, the development team was currently being examined different concepts – ‘impossible’ too widely from simple it might eventually become a particular concern, it has a very solid structure, in fact, a combination of all variants, It is also reminiscent of the single-player game in the series housing. ”

Creative director, Rich Lambert, talked about it at the official Elder Scrolls online streaming, which is what he said:

“I know Matt talked about some of the things we are doing on a number of housing, so we started to do some preliminary design. It happened, when we do not, but says it is developing.”

Players will not be room for some time, though. Do not worry, though, because we have a lot of expectations with Imperial PC launch in late August and mid-September game. Every three months, the rate of a DLC still has several important features to the next (the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild for example), we are still a lot of content to go through before setting houses and ultimately into the game.

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Elemental Evil Neverwinter updates coming faster than expected

A few weeks ago, we reported on a new role, Scott seats Markov, told the players, errors are module in a recent evil elements. At that time, Xi Kefu said the team will start digging into things began to change. We speculate that free play, which may mean any action taken no action from the action, from now on.
However, the seats Markov took the game’s website announced that again will change as early as this week.
Players will get a lot of power and some ability to affect the repair needs, lingering and causing server problems will be solved.
In terms of the content of things, Tiamat beat Temple now has a limitation allowing only score above 70 and even into 1800. While this may be bad news for the players who can enter, but groups can not now, this change is being made to a better opportunity to play a tough encounter.
As promised, rewards, earnings XP’s, and other elements on the list seats Markov also accept change. When all the details posted, be sure to check the full patch notes.

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Age of Conan TURNS 7 years old: Adding a new area

“A rider from Southshore has come and gone. He brings ill news. A few days ago, hundreds of small boats filled with refugees from Stormwind landed on our shores,” Uther said. He did not remove his arm. Arthas gave up that particular struggle and craned his neck, listening intently, his sea- green eyes wide and fastened on Uther’s grim face. “Stormwind has fallen.”

Most of the time, when a free to play MMORPG, when there is usually little knowledge of what we see, will run for several weeks, and novelty items reward players game events birthday. Sometimes, the changes we see and experience to enhance members. When Funcom’s Age of Conan becomes 7 years old later this month, we will see these two, and many more.

First up, the shadow of the main quest line, Vanaheim will launch a venture into new areas, such as the deadly Blue Mountains and Vanaheim snowy tundra. Your first step to Vanaheim will begin at Fort Storisbjorn. Quests will also benefit from the introduction of this point, but there is a bit of a twist. To make things a little “fresh,” These quests will rotate and daily changes and the new system has been implemented to confuse you to a variety of tasks every day.

Content will begin at 20 levels, and will expand to reach 80 so that all have the benefit of any level players to participate in the new content whether just met you, or if it is from the new faction is also adding new items.

Bear mounts and 1-3 players a small example also plans to update this month. Look at all the details of the announcement Sezmra thesis.

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