The View of World of Warcraft 6.1

Gamers have stepped into the world of Draenor for many months. Blizzard recently has posted a blog said The Adventure Continues in order to write up some important features of the World of Warcraft patch 6.1 that begins. The quest line Call of the Archmage will continue, and Khadger will try to break the mind control that Garona suffers from. Check out a sneak peek of what’s new in patch 6.1.

First of all, in order to free the mind of Gerona, players will gain a new quest to penetrate a Shadow Council stronghold and steal an artifact.

Garona Halforcen will become a first legendary follower. Garona has three abilities fitting an Assassination Rogue, as well as the Master Assassin trait, that largely increases the chance of success on any mission she is assigned to.

New daily quest visitors will offer players a variety of quests such as Bounty Quests, Profession daily, Relic Quests, Daily Dungeon Quests and Weekly Raid Quests once players have reached Garrison Tier 3.

Garrison Invasion will be going to Platunum, and the last boss in Garrison Invasion has a chance to drop a summonable Raid boss item. Many gamers will want to get 10-40 players together in Garrison before stimulate it.

There’s a new vendor coming to Garrison who permit players to spend Garrison Resources on Follower Trait Retraining Guides or Follower Ability Retraining Manuals.

Followers can now gain the Treasure Hunter trait that adds the amount of gold awarded from a mission which rewards gold.

Now the New Follower missions available to player in patch 6.1, which includes missions that reward Apexis Crystals, Savage Blood, Augmentation runes, Archaeology Artifacts, and items that immediately finish the work orders.

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Buy Astral Diamonds Xbox One to Play Rise of Tiamat on Xbox Neverwinter


It is said that Rise of Tiamat would be available on Xbox version of Neverwinter late June or Early July. It may be coming next Monday or later. Recently, it seems that the price has gone up with Astral Diamond Exchange. But don’t worry! Safewow has neverwinter xbox one astral diamonds in full stock for all of you.

Rise of Tiamat may be coming next Tuesday

Multiple people said that Rise of Tiamat will be added on Xbox one Neverwinter late June or early July. It is likely that this update would come next Tuesday with the normal maintenance at earliest, or it would be delayed later.

On Reddit, some players worry that the level cap makes their sets useless. Actually, it doesn’t make sense, because the level cap is only with Elemental Evil. So it will not come with Neverwinter Module 5: Rise of Tiamat until Mod 6.

But to return, if you are eager to take into battles of Rise of Tiamat, you should fix your eyes on next Tuesday. And also, Safewow will report it for you in time.

Xbox one astral diamonds goes up recently

In the past few days, the Astral Diamond Exchange hovers between 170 – 200 range. But until now, it has jumped up to over 250 already. Yeah, as more and more neverwinter xbox astral diamonds pool into the game, the exchange rises. To meet the increasing demand, Safewow is also offering all players cheap astral diamond, which is in full stock now.

Rise of Tiamat is coming on Xbox One Neverwinter soon. Buy neverwinter astral diamonds xbox one on Safewow to prepare for battles. Now, you can use 10% discount code “NWXBOX” on safewow to when buying astral diamonds neverwinter xbox one.

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WOW Token Releases on Patch 6.1.2 with Over $ 15 Monthly Subscription


Several days ago, Blizzard announced an in-game item, WOW Token. And Hazzikostas gave some hints for token price and release date. Although he confirmed that WOW will move to free to play, can WOW resist the pressure of free online games flood? And can players afford for over $15 per token?

How WOW Token works
The WOW Token
Players can buy a WOW Token with cash for 30 days of game time from Warcraft’s in-game shop. Once they buy it, the token is bound to players, and cannot be traded, given away, deleted, or expire. They can only put it up on a special tab in the in-game auction house.
After they post it, WOW’s auction house will tell them how much gold they will get for it. Since there is no biding, players cannot set their own price for tokens. After purchasing the tokens with wow gold on sale, the buyers can apply it to their accounts to add game time, and they cannot do anything else with it, no gifts, no trading.

Dip into free-to-play online game mechanics for wow

According to SuperData, free-to-play online game could hit $17 nillion in 2017, and it could rein business model in Asia, especially after WOW joins the rank.
There is no doubt that the introduce of WOW Tokens make wow closer to free-to-play online game, but World of Warcraft lead game designer Ion Hazzikostas claimed that they are completely different. Anyway, Wowtoes as a professional wow products supplier will fix our eyes on World of Warcraft updates.

WOW Token price no less than $15

Blizzard hasn’t set the cash price yet, but Hazzikostas confirmed that it’s not going to be cheaper than a monthly subscription, which runs $15 a month. If a wow token is really higher than a monthly subscription, most people including me would rather buy game time with cash actually. But it will be different for those who have millions of wow gold in stock.

According to Hazzikostas’ statement, it’s a part of patch 6.1.2, a smaller update hitting the public test realms in the very near future. So you can buy World of Warcraft gold cheap eu with code “SPRING” in advance for wow token release.

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No Flying in WOW 6.2 Tanaan Jungle and Future Expansion

Recently, WOW lead designer Ion Hazzikostas announced in an interview that flying is not going to be reintroduced in Warlords of Draenor, and future expansions. Such a statement triggered the outcry among players. But meanwhile, the upcoming content in World of Warcraft pushes people to move on with cheap world of warcraft gold.

Why flying need to be removed from WOW?
Since the ability to fly made the world in many ways much smaller and less room for exploration, the outdoor game play in World of Warcraft is ultimately better without flying. So the devs are not going to reintroduce flying in World of Warcraft patch 6.2, and also confirms that this direction will also involve in future WOW expansions, apart from specific expansion ideas or zones that would benefit from it.
Outcry for flight removed from patch 6.2 and future expansions
Usually, once the habit is formed, it is very hard to remove it inside. Flying has been introduced since The Burning Crusade. For a quite part of players, flying ought to be in the game. Even some people claimed that they will never explore nor buy any expansions once there is no flight in World of Warcraft in future.
Pursuit of game play more than flight in World of Warcraft
Along with the boos for the removal of flying, a majority of players clearly know what they want in this game. Warlords of Draenor is a ground-based content, but flying mounts makes the content less exploration. After much deliberation, it is better to remove flight from World of Warcraft.
Future content in WOW and patch 6.2 triggers people move on
Based on Ion’s statement, Tanaan Jungle is the most notable new zone but not the only major addition in WOW 6.2. For example, Timewalking and the weekend bonus event are also something new in patch 6.2.
Further, patcj 6.2 is not the final update for Warlords of Draenor, and “there will be plenty of more stories to be told after it,” the lead designer claimed. Besides, Blizzard is also working hard to make sure players are not left waiting for new content in general.
All these potential contents for future World of Warcraft and patch 6.2 push people to move on in this game. Personally, removing flight is a not bad idea for WOW game play actually, because it can force people to enjoy the ground-based content deliberately. Buy wow us gold to experience this change in Tanaan Jungle now!

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Jagex has released the Plänne for this February! This February, plans Zamorak a crafty coup and the wild-dragon returns – this time to stay. In addition, the demon attacks are improved, the combat system missed a fine sanding and both the Game Blast Wohltätigskeitevent and the double XP weekend are on the horizon.
Demon raids
For Premium Members only
Demons also need love, so we devote our demon attacks this month some well-deserved attention and care. They were made significantly more rewarding and offer henceforth better standard booty with some unique accessories.
First of all, there is now a set of tradable securities, based on the names of demons bosses, including “the / Frost Born,” “the / the Victorious” and “Hangman / -in”.
When demons bosses you have also the chance that they will be new, marketable materials fall, which can be used for making bags of stage 82. The demonic familiars that you can summon her with these bags are aggressive, and once you start a fight, they will begin to related Monster same type attack – even if you yourself do not fight at the same time.
In addition suffer players who have the prayer “Protect Item” is enabled, no further additional damage in the fight against demon invasion troops – which should make it less intimidating to attack them in the wilderness.
Wilderness dragon and lava strykewyrms
For Premium Members only
The Wilderness dragon opened its maw bristling with sharp teeth for the first time in February 2011, as a special holiday event. Since you have seen him, despite his short life, do not get out of your head. To spice up his home, we have brought him back, and that for ever and meaner than ever before. It also can now drop a number of new equipment.
If you have not heard of him, The Wilderness dragon is a giant version of the military worm, which appears only in the wilderness. He also brought his younger brothers, Berserk job monsters level 94 – also known as lava strykewyrms. The Wilderness dragon will appear rarely, J-mods can summon at will but him! Each wild-dragon who is killed, makes objects fall for all players who were involved in the fight – which means more loot for everyone!
And what is this booty! In addition to a new type of ash, which adds more Prayer XP than all other varieties in the game, the wild-dragon and his brothers can drop items to improve hell whips, light bars and dark bows.
To get her new combat equipment of level 85 with unique special attacks and new wear mechanisms that have been inspired by old-school version of RuneScape. Try out the new whip, with which you can strutting goals to you the new improved rod or sheet, really reward the passive effects and special attacks, the high-level players among you.
You will not have to spend gold for repairing weapons – instead of the original object to dust, the upgrade is retained and can be reused. In this way, some items are removed from the game, of which there are too many, which in turn helps the economy.
The new Zamorak Adventure
For Premium Members only
It is the sequel to “Death in Need”: This new adventure for advanced (with a requirement of level 30 Thieving and Agility) keeps track of how Zamorak and his elite troops try the Stone of Jas the clutches of the Master of Shadows – Sliske – to snatch.
The chance to come into direct contact with Zamorak, Nomad and the rest of the crew – and to be part of the coup of the century – is something that really is not too shabby either. Among the rewards waiting for a brand new cape with theft and hidden bonus EP-chests for hochstufigere player on you!
The new Zamorak Adventure
Double XP Weekend / GameBlast15
Do not forget that start the game Blast event and the double XP weekend on February 20! We will apply our 24-hour charity event from the Jagex HQ live and you can participate by donating her by the fountain of the favors or even taking part in a private charity event!
The community team has planned plenty of events, contests and challenges mistaken, and you become a new decorative costume in Solomon can buy Laden, the total revenue goes directly to special effects, the charity behind the Game Blast event.
The double XP weekend runs from 20 to 23 February, which makes your banks willing to make the most of it!
Changes to fight on players request
Last year players voted that a number of monsters should be aggressive again. Due to the limited output of the vote (there are a total only a few hundred votes were cast) we have the more dangerous monsters (like dragons) are removed from the list. Let us know how you like it and if you want to see on the list more monsters. Give us your feedback!
We will also responsiveness in the fight considerably improve what allows you to trigger an attack immediately if you use a skill, and easier to move between destinations. The revolution mode has also been improved and should now pause and resume faster.
Valentine’S Day
In the game, and the treasure hunter could get hold of her rose petals, can unlock by her new gestures, costumes and weapons with which you can flaunt her either your gentle, romantic side or the bitter cynic in you. You can unlock even all the items that you may have missed over the last two years! Among the new effects are wrong there can even break one of your enemies in hearts.
Salomon shop
Salomon gives you wings! Four sets, to be exact: Graceful wings, arterial flights, silver leaf blades and Gem Golem wings. They are all designed so that they complete a series of costumes. He also added a Nomad packet to its range. In it you will find a great costume, weapon customization options and trim Nomads running animation – the first to be offered in his shop. There is also a new pet named Fimberzizz if you have a few loyalty points or RuneCoins left.

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