Around Azeroth: The golem of depression


“I feel pity for the forgotten places of Azeroth,” writes submitter Arugadh of The Brotherhood of Iron on Wyrmrest Accord (US-A), who is coming back with a vengeance after several months absent from this column. “Leveling happens so fast, and zones speed by so quickly, that new players — wow gold ideal and even some old ones — rarely have the chance to really get to know a zone and see all the wondrous things the devs have done. For instance, the ‘Lite-Brite’ cave in Un’Goro Crater, originally guarded by and the home of an extended Land of the Lost reference, is now guarded by sad and lonely rock golems who never have any visitors. When I leveled my lowbie hunter through there, the only other folks in the zone were a couple high-level ore farmers. Surely, this place of wondrous beauty is deserving of more time and attention, but like many such places in post-Cataclysm Azeroth, it’s been abandoned and consigned to oblivion. The developers seem to have forgotten the joys of sending players to explore deep into a zone and its stories, instead substituting the race to the almighty endgame.”

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Choose The Right Items to List and Buy WoW Gold Safely Through Auction Buyout Delivery

Though auction house delivery is known as the safest way to post your wow gold ideal orders, you still need to pay attention to details and it is necessary. In order to complete your gold orders safer, your auction items must fit below profile.


1. They can’t be bought from ingame NPCs or vendors

2. Itemlevel at least higher than 170 trash items,

3. Trash green or blue items preferred, please avoid using white or grey items.


Below are some sample items we highly recommend, you can easily find them in AH, usually cost around 20-30 G, besides you can choose some items which are similiar to them.

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Heroes Of The Storm Technical Alpha Returns


Heroes of the Storm has been offline for over a week of super extended maintenance — and now it’s back! There has been numerous upgrades to the backend, and everyone’s purchases have been wiped. You’ll find the money you spent back in your account balance, and you’ll be ready to re-purchase everything.

For the next week, XP will be earned at double the rate, and everything will be played in matchmaking mode. MMR has been reset across the board, and all previous progress has been wiped. buy Wow Gold eu However, there are no other planned resets, so your progress now will stay put.

Blizzard also notes that they’re going to be inviting more people into the game, so you can expect the pool of players to grow nicely in the coming weeks.

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The importance of chemistry for building ultimate team


However good the players in your team are, they won’t play the best unless they have great chemistry between them. The nationality of the players, and also the clubs they play for, help determine who plays well together. For every player that is positioned near another player who has similarities of nationality, will develop a chemistry link, which will massively improve the passing and interplay between those players.

Even if you only bought the best, they still wouldn’t be as good as a team that had great chemistry and good players. The passing of a team with chemistry is always fast and precise, with players controlling the ball instantly. The most drastic links can usually be noticed when the ball is crossed in. Crosses from players who have chemistry seem to fly towards the heads of whoever is the box. You will definitely notice that you score a lot more wonder goals and perform very rare skills when your team is fully linked together.

This is why you should probably have a plan before you start buying. Do you want to build the Spain team? Maybe you want to recreate the Bayern team, with a few extra additions, such as Draxler. I would recommend that you decide on a player and then build your team around them. If you go online and stock up on Fifa 15 coins, you can buy large quantities of coins at a reduced price. This way you will be guaranteed to buy the player that you really want and then start surrounding them with players who have chemistry.

If you just buy the most expensive players, without looking at chemistry, then you probably won’t build the strongest team possible. Building a strong team involves planning and strategy so that you can get the most out of your performance. Once you’ve seen a team with chemistry play, you will realise how important it is. You will see goals and skills that you have never witnessed before playing the game in other modes. If you really want to see what Fifa can do, then get on ultimate team and make chemistry your top priority.

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2014 fifa world cup brazil wallpaper 06 FIFA 15 Best Defending Tricks For You

FIFA 15 defending Have you been frustrated about how to defend better in FIFA 15 and buy cheap FIFA 15 coins? You are right here to get advice on defending against your opponents. Learn as much as you can and try these since we will offer the best ways of defending in the exciting game. Best way to defend against the prompt opponent Remember to keep the center back where they are on the pitch so you can deal with pace. Don’t contain them or even secondary contain them. As for space behind the defense of your own, you can reduce by means of creating a custom strategy, setting the defense to involve and lowering pressure.

Best way to defend against the technical players You need to be sure that you won’t dive in so as to defend against the experienced. Diving in is the method the technical players would like to take. Maintain your position and allow the game to handle for you. At the same time, you can make your oppositions perform a skill move by goading them. Then it’s time to tackle them if the chance comes to you. Keep in mind that you are competing against the experienced. Most likely, they are apt to try scoring goals rather than just tapping in. Anticipate this and control your game correspondingly. Best way to defend against the passing opponents When the oppositions are passing the ball around on the half of their own, you need to press the ball so that you are able to defend against the passing players. Allow them to do it and maintain your shape. At this time, you can choose to secondary contain the opponent on the ball and control your chosen player to position in order to cover a run or pass.

Prepare counter attack with your prompt plans so that you are able to attack when your oppositions have put their players forward.

When we play a game or even a real match in the real life, we need some strategies and skills to perfect the process and performance. Therefore, defending skills are indispensable in the game play if you want to win matches. Surely, there are other skills involved with attacking and goal-keeping and so on. All these can be found on our website that can help you play better in FIFA 15. All in all, we hope you can improve your performance in any match and get more reward.

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